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Lugar Center Director receives 35th Patent for Department of Defense work

. Peter Schubert
. Peter Schubert


November 8, 2011

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Dr. Peter Schubert—recently appointed director to the Lugar Center for Renewable Energy—has hit the ground running at IUPU. On Nov 1, the USPTO granted Patent 8,046,946— Dr. Schubert’s 35th Patent and his first in the field of firearms. The patent was granted on November 1st; just two weeks after Dr. Schubert began at his new appointment at IUPUI. Dr. Schubert’s newest patent gains exposure for both the School and IUPUI on a global level.

The nature of the patent is an automatic shot counter for self-loading firearms (fully and semiautomatic) which harvests energy from the movement of parts internal to the gun. It therefore needs no battery, and could conceivably last for the life of the weapon.

This invention was the subject of $350,000 in grants from the Department of Defense, and resulted in two successful demonstrations: one as a stand-alone device, counting 1199 of 1199 shots (a world record); the second integrated with a military vehicle network where the weapon provided real-time information to a vehicle commander for shots fired and rounds remaining.

The benefit is that firearms can be serviced when needed, based on shots fired, rather than on calendar date – which is inefficient. This new technology can save millions of dollars from the Pentagon budget, and provide greater field reliability for the equipment carried by our warfighters.

Dr. Schubert brings over 25 years of industry experience and energy-related research, with sponsors such as the USDA, DOE, DOD and NASA, to the Lugar Center as it addresses pressing energy issues facing Americans in an increasingly-volatile global climate.

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