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Indiana University police at IUPUI provide spring break travel tips


March 7, 2013

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Spring break travel tips issued by Indiana University police at IUPUI are designed to heighten security and safety awareness and provide those who are traveling with ways to reduce risks.


Start Before You Leave – Before you leave for your trip, make sure to secure your dorm, apartment or house and have a friend collect your newspaper and mail while you are gone. Try to avoid making it obvious that you aren’t home and don’t tell anyone who doesn’t need to know about your travel plans.

Do Your Homework – Before catching your plane or packing your car, make sure to research your destination. Check here for any government travel advisories and news about your destination:

Remember to bring your health insurance card and allergy bracelets.

 Let your family and trusted friends know when you are leaving, when you’ll get back and how you are traveling.

 If you are traveling by bus, rail or air, don’t bring magazines with your name and address. Tear off your address label. You do not want people who know that you are away from home to know where you live.Don't have your name and address highly visible on your luggage for the same reason.