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Ian McIntosh to lead Winter School at University of Queensland


March 5, 2012

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Dr. Ian McIntosh, IUPUI Director of International Partnerships, will deliver one of three prestigious Winter School Workshops being hosted by the Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR) at the University of Queensland in Australia in July 2012.

Co-sponsoring units at the University of Queensland include the School of Political Science and International Studies, the Aboriginal Environments Research Centre, and the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining.

A scholar and expert on issues of truth and reconciliation in global perspective, McIntosh will focus his workshop on the monitoring and measuring of trends in reconciliation in the wake of major conflicts and human rights abuses, as well as in post-colonial, indigenous and multicultural settings. McIntosh’s work in Armenia, Australia, Rwanda and, most recently Gaza, will serve as case studies and focus points for analysis and learning.

In Spring 2012, McIntosh, a faculty member in the IUPUI Department of Anthropology, is conducting a novel new course for the University College Themed Learning Community and School of Liberal Arts students in collaboration with Gaza University’s Department of Political Science. The students from IUPUI and Gaza University attend class together - virtually - and have been paired in order to complete a number of assignments on the ‘Pathways of Peace’ in the Middle East.

Students have exchanged ten-minute personal ‘flip’ videos on themselves and their families in Indiana and Gaza in order to facilitate the exchange experience. McIntosh’s class is being paired with a class on argumentation being conducted by Prof. Ian Sheeler of Communication Studies in which students debate the Israeli-Palestine conflict from multiple perspectives.