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IUPUI to Reduce Carbon Footprint by Participation in Green Power Option


March 5, 2012

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Campus Facility Services at IUPUI announced that it has entered into an agreement with Indianapolis Power and Light Company (IPL) to purchase 10 percent of the electricity generated for IUPUI through renewable energy resources via IPL’s Green Power Option program. The Green Power Option is a voluntary program that allows the user to direct IP&L to purchase energy from environmentally friendly renewable sources.

Renewable energy is power that comes from renewable resources such as the sun, wind and organic matter, also known as biomass. These resources are constantly replenished by nature and are a cleaner source of energy.

Under the agreement, IUPUI is paying .1 cents more per kilowatt hour for the 10 percent than it did before. Ten percent represents an amount of electricity that could supply 100% of the requirements for six buildings on campus. The program will reduce the university’s carbon footprint. Ten percent of the campus usage in an average month is 1,800,000 kilowatt-hours. This is equivalent to 1,241 metric tons of carbon dioxide.

Colleen McCormick, Director of the IUPUI Office of Sustainability, reports that “The Office of Sustainability and the Sustainability Steering Committee fully support the campus’ participation in the IPL Green Power Option program. This program offers IUPUI the opportunity to reduce dependence on fossil fuels while providing an educational opportunity. A campaign will be developed in conjunction with participation in the program to promote energy conservation and assist in the reduction of campus energy usage and cost.”

Emily Wren, Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities, stated “IUPUI’s participation in this program will help reduce the University’s carbon footprint, reliance on fossil-fueled power generation and support the development of renewable energy sources. We are excited to be a part of this program.”