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From the Desk of the Chancellor, Oct. 3, 2011

Charles R. Bantz
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October 3, 2011

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People across the country are celebrating National Arts & Humanities Month this month, so what better time to announce the creation of the IUPUI Arts and Humanities Institute?

Two years ago, we established the IUPUI Arts and Humanities Council to administer an internal grant program supporting faculty research and creative work. These grants enabled faculty to be more successful in competing for external funding and establishing interdisciplinary partnerships in the arts and humanities. The council’s efforts, coupled with support from partnering campus units, led to the creation of the new IUPUI Arts and Humanities Institute.

It is impressive to see the list of programs and units that constitute the arts and humanities resources at IUPUI or to peruse the list of events they sponsor on campus every day. Having the IUPUI Arts and Humanities Institute will allow us to showcase this vital part of IUPUI’s intellectual life and promote the contributions they make to the vibrancy of our city. It will serve as a liaison between IUPUI and the community in the advancement of the arts and humanities as a cultural asset of great importance to our quality of life.

The mission of the IUPUI Arts and Humanities Institute also includes supporting individual faculty, groups, and interdisciplinary teams in their pursuit of research and creative activity in arts and humanities through grant programs and promoting educational experiences in the arts and humanities in academic curricula across campus.

The IUPUI Arts and Humanities Institute is guided by the IUPUI Arts and Humanities Council and reports to Vice Chancellor for Research Kody Vahrahmyan. My thanks to the council members listed below for their work to establish the institute and guide its future.

IUPUI Arts and Humanities Council Members:
•Associate Professor of Religious Studies Kelly Hayes
•Associate Professor of Sculpture Gregory Hull
•Professor of English Karen Kovacik
•Assistant Professor of Photography Flounder Lee
•Professor of Medicine, Medical and Molecular Genetics, Public Health, and Philosophy Eric Meslin
•Professor of Music and Arts Technology G. David Peters
•Assistant Professor of Media Arts and Science and Human-Computer Interaction Mark Pfaff
•Professor of History William Schneider

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