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From the Desk of the Chancellor, Nov. 8, 2010

Chancellor Charles R. Bantz
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November 8, 2010

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Indianapolis’ commitment to liveability, IUPUI’s commitment to the Talent Dividend (increasing the percentage of adults with baccalaureate degrees), and our commitment to IUPUI’s being an anchor institution in Indianapolis are concepts articulated and championed by CEOs for Cities. CEO for Cities is a national movement by urban mayors, corporate CEOs, and leaders of foundations and universities to keep the nation competitive by developing strategies that strengthen its cities. IUPUI has been active from the beginning, and with the leadership of renowned urban policy advisor Carol Coletta as its president and CEO since 2005, its work as a catalyst for innovative thinking has gained momentum.

This week in Detroit is the CEOs for Cities Urban Leaders Summit. Brian Payne, president of the Central Indiana Community Foundation, will be part of a panel at the summit on how cities are working to both attract talented people and make a better quality of life for all citizens. The CICF is the major force behind the Indianapolis Cultural Trail: A Legacy of Eugene and Marilyn Glick, which will ultimately link IUPUI with downtown Indianapolis via a walking/cycling path studded with cultural amenities.

CEOs for Cities was also the catalyst for the Talent Dividend initiative, with which IUPUI has been closely involved, resulting in the Talent Alliance, a network of community/IUPUI partnerships aiming to improve education “from cradle to career” in central Indiana.

At the summit, CEOs for Cities will focus on its newest project, the US Initiative. Its purpose is to bring into focus how cities are changing to serve new demographic and economic realities. The US Initiative kicked off last month with a two-and-one-half-day workshop in Indianapolis. Indianapolis was selected to illustrate how a city has responded to “The Livability Challenge,” the vision for which is articulated as follows:

Imagine a city where every citizen can enjoy beauty in the form of art, good design, and nature every day. Where an investment in the community’s parks, artistic expression, and architecture for the ages is considered a smart value-add for everyone. Where citizens’ attachment to their community is solidified by the pride they feel in their community’s aesthetics.

By partnering with CEOs for Cities, IUPUI is committed to making a difference in our city and beyond.

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