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Air Delivery Scheduled for Art on Loan


March 19, 2009

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Look at the skies over the IUPUI Campus on March 22, 2009, and you may ask, “Is it a bird or a plane?”

Neither, it’s flying art!

The last of four sculptures that the Indianapolis Museum of Art will loan to IUPUI is scheduled to arrive via helicopter at 6 p.m. Sunday (March 22, 2009). In case of rain, the transport will take place April 5.

Renovations and grounds staff with IUPUI Campus Facilities Services will assist IMA with the installation of the 1973 Sasson Soffer sculpture, “East Gate/West Gate,” at Taylor Hall.

Campus police are collaborating with CFS and Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department on the safe delivery of the artwork.

Plans include brief closures of sections of city streets, roadways, and bridges under the flight path which basically follows the White River from the museum to the Natatorium, and then north to Taylor Hall. IUPUI Police will close 10th, Michigan and New York streets on the campus.

“East Gate/West Gate” and the other pieces are scheduled to stay at IUPUI for two years.

The three other sculptures previously installed and their locations are: “Mega Gem,” John Francis Torreano 1989 - #016,, Taylor Hall Magnolia Courtyard; “Portrait of History,” Shan Zou Zhou 1997 - #012m, southeast end of Eskenazi; and “Spaces with Iron,” Will Horwitt 1972 - #021, SL Building at Vermont and Blackford.