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IUPUI In the News Archive

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Honk if You Agree There Is a Difference Between Free Speech and Noise — Super Bowl Will Leave "Legacy" on Indianapolis Near East Side — State Mulls Ditching Traditional Pensions — Hoosier Students Learning High-tech Skills as Indiana Attempts to Stop the "Brain-drain" — Is State Fair Investigation Fair? — Negative Campaign Ads Could Affect Voter Turnout — Mother Continues Fight to Get Her Son Back From Greece — People Worth a Closer Look — Mock Terror Attack Prepares City, Students — University Students Participate in Mock Terror Attack Exercise — Making Decisions about the HPV Vaccine — IUPUI to Host Counterterrorism Simulation — Some Evangelicals Say Not to Vote for Romney Because of His Religion —


How Science Shaped the Stories of Ray Bradbury — Hotel Tax Shows Tourism is 'Rebounding' — IUPUI Enrolls Record Number of Foreign Students — Exhibit at Oklahoma State University Features Work of Herron Professor and His Wife — Hurricane Irene, Holiday Weekend Create Perfect Storm at the Pump: IUPUI Professor Says Labor Day Could Drive Prices Up — Pro: Con Does Obesity Quality as Child Abuse? — Tech Savvy Faithful Get Wired for Worship — Nurses Study is Vital Boon to Women's Health — IUPUI Faculty to Develop STEM Games for Blind Students — Generosity Project Ministry Helps US soldiers, Children around World — IU Study Examines Corporate Giving — IndyCar Engineer to Teach at IUPUI — Coming Down too Hard on Teens — The 'Best Value' Law Schools of 2011 — Roundup on Health News Includes Music Therapy Results — Applications Due for Sports-art Competition — Daniels Says He Won't Rush to Judge — New State Law Strips Names of Unopposed from Ballots — Health Law Conference Set For September — IUPUI Scientist Lands Defense Grant — IUPUI Hosts Public Safety Career Day — Digital Maps Are Giving Scholars the Historical Lay of the Land — IUPUI Center Helps Foreign-Trained Doctors Overcome Language, Cultural Barriers —


Lawmakers Hear Views on Indiana's Marijuana Laws — O'Brien Takes Another Amateur Title — Overall Crime in Indy, Drops — Ind. Financial Experts: Keep Your Money Where It Is — Ivy Tech, IUPUI Unveil New Transfer Agreement — Director Leaving Sports Journalism Center — Digital Maps Are Giving Scholars the Historical Lay of the Land — Algae in Local Reservoirs Could Impact Health — High School Teachers Discover New Ways to Engage Students through Nanotechnology Discovery Academy — USC Aiken Names New School of Nursing Dean — IU Dentistry Professor Helps Set Fluoride Standards that Impact Drinking Water, Research — Leaders Must Be Good Citizens — We Must Move Beyond Rhetoric of Colorblindness — Mercury Pollution from Power Plants Seen — IUPUI Track Stadium Dodges Wrecking Ball — Which Marion Co. Intersections are Unsafe? — Beware Indiana Labor Force Losses Over Next 20 Years — IUPUI Center Helps Foreign-trained Doctors Overcome Language, Cultural Barriers — Where Health, Science Intersect —


Local Parks Administration Making an Impression — IUPUI Center Helps Foreign Doctors Make Their English Better — The Analysis of Mascara from Eyelashes — Appeals Court Upholds Lockout — New Book by Indiana University Physicians Slays Health Myths — Center to Study State's Criminal Justice Initiatives — IU Dentistry School Starts Community Outreach Office — Teen Faces Prison After Sex Doll Prank Goes Awry — New Center Looks to Research Urban Health — Rockwell's America is a Smaller Slice of Indiana — New York Times Debate: Republicans Ready for a Mormon President? — 4 Weeks, No Answers — Anti-terrorism Simulation Documentary Wins Emmy Award — Talent Alliance to Help High Schools Track Graduates — Kelley Partners With Chinese University — Is Barefoot Running Better for You and Environment? — Law School's Human Rights Initiative Wins Recognition by the UN — Muslim-American Encyclopedia Racks Up Awards — U.S. Colleges' Appeal Fading for Foreign Students —


Neighborhoods Abandoned to Crime — Getn Tuf on Txting — Ben Davis' Benge Retires, Heads to IUPUI — City Announces Plans for Life Sciences Complex at Bush Stadium — David Orentlicher: Mandate's Good for America — The Analysis of Mascara from Eyelashes — Indianapolis Speedrome to Host USAC Midgets — New IUPUI Major Focuses on Social Media — IUPUI Professor Among Nine Women Honored for Service — IUPUI Scientist Leading Blindness Research — More Research Centers Receive Signature Status — IUPUI to Share in $1 million for Veterans — Labels Listing Side Effects Of Prescription Drugs Found Overwhelming — Business of Health — Yoga May Improve Balance in Stroke Patients — Computerized Communication Breakdowns Common Between PCPs, Specialists —


Health Disparities in Physical Fitness — Stronger Hips Improve Running Mechanisms — Work-Family Conflict: Who is to Blame? — Highschoolers in College — Building a Global Work Force — ICFF 2011: Derrick Method Designs — Community Takes Action Against Youth Crime — More Jobs for College Graduates — Planned Parenthood Ruling May Come — IUPUI Professor Named Indiana's Next Poet Laureate — Woodrow Fellows Aim to Boost STEM Education — Vernon Jordan to Address Graduates at IU School of Law-Indianapolis — Planned Tunnel Should Keep Sewage Out of Waterway — IUPUI Behavioral Neuroscientist Receives International Award for Alcoholism Research — Regular Giving Grows for Third Straight Year — IUPUI Faculty Member to Receive National Innovation Vision Research Award — Delta Magazine Spotlights IUPUI — Four Maharashtra Students Get Scholarship at IUPUI — Effort Seeks to Revive Citizens' Civic Interest — Not All Public Art is Met with Applause — JAMA Study Reports on Fatty Liver Disease in Children and Teens — IUPUI Center for Bradbury Studies —


Urban Gardening is a Growing Concern — Online Fitness Programs Growing In Popularity — Plan to Draw More Qatar Women to U.S. Universities — States Handing Off More Responsibilities to Cities — Greg Louganis visits Indianapolis — High Gas Prices Cause Domino Effect at Local Businesses — Five Muscle Myths Busted — Clara Barton Brought Needed Supplies to the Battlefield — Immigration Bill Ignores Legal Reality — Farrakhan Using Libyan Crisis to Bolster His Nation of Islam — 'The Kennedys': After the Debate, the Debut — Lead, Other Chemicals Taint Some Urban Gardens — 12-year-old Takes College Physics at IUPUI — IUPUI's New Oxford Shakespeare — Law Student/Liberal Arts Grad Taps Connections for Shoe Start-up —


12-year-old Takes College Physics at IUPUI — Ron Hunter Leaving IUPUI for Head Coaching Job at Georgia State — Research Park Startup Receives Patent — Electronic Medical Records Improve Quality of Care in Resource-Limited Countries — IU Medical Students Find Their Matches — IUPUI Expert: Japan's Earthquake Preparedness and Response Offer Lessons for Others — Tim Durham Indictment — Fighting Depression Aids Stroke Recovery — Radiation Threat Changes by the Hour — Japan Earthquake: How You Can Help — "There Will Be a Season." Are You Sure? — Statehouse Standoff Continues into the Weekend — There's Too Much to Lose — Has Township Government Outlived its Usefulness? — Statehouse Protest Organizers Utilized Social Media to Get Their Word Out — Dissolvable Tobacco Products Show What They're Made Of — Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte Swim at IUPUI — Local Firm Making Noise with App for Radio stations — Despite Hurdles, India Is Ripe for Partnerships, Educators Say —


University to Raise Residency Hall Rates — Presidential Ambitions Foiled — Method of DNA Repair Linked to Higher Likelihood of Genetic Mutation — Universities, Refugees Fuel Indiana's Asian Growth — IUPUI Student Housing a Challenge — Grant to Study How to Stop Fumbled Handoffs Which Can Lead To Medical Errors — Leadership Will Be Main Problem in NFL's Ongoing Labor Negotiations — Early Morning Boom May Have Been "Frost Quake" — IUPUI Gets Grant for Community Workout and Training Program — To Fill a Faculty Shortage in Dental Schools, Authors Suggest Mandatory Mentoring — Dental Bills Can Be Daunting — Fluoride Debate a Balancing Act — Mormon-Born Daya Mata Typifies American Yoga — Lab 'Accident' Uncovers Potential Treatment —

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