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IUPUI In the News Archive

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State Commission, Staffed By IUPUI's Center for Urban Policy and The Environment, Releases Its Report on Local Government Reform Report — A Gathering Place at IUPUI — What Made Romney's Big Speech So Mormon — High-Stakes Court Battle Puts Genesco's Image on the Line — Race to Space — Study Data from Department of Sociology At IUPUI Provide New Insights into HIV/AIDS Therapy — Fluoridated Water Benefits Older Adults More Than Kids — Many Households give in Some Years But Not Every Year — Shopping for a Specialist — Beyond Books: A Centerpiece for the City — IUPUI's Hill Honored — Serial Killers May Kill More Victims Than We Think — Older Adults with Mild Memory Benefit from Cognitive Training — IUPUI Tops Minutemen — Major Choice Can Lead to Satisfying Career — Balloons Soar in Remembrance —


Grant Aimed at Encouraging Science Students to be Teachers — Call Him "Mr. IUPUI" — Some See Peterson a Fallen Star after Election Loss — Peterson: A Fallen Star after Election Loss? — Star Poll Shows Tight Mayoral Race — IUPUI Survey Finds Fewer Feel Safe in Downtown Indy — Is Downtown Indy Safe? — Pundit Says Indy is The Marquee Race — Study: Downtown Indianapolis Safety Perception Drops — Survey: City Lacks in Safety and Security — Mitt Romney’s Strategies for Success — IU Hospital to Expand Home Dialysis Program — County Group Envisions an Educational Campus; Plan is to Encourage Satellite Locations for Higher Education — In a First, IUPUI Has a Full House — IU Medical School to Help Develop Nationwide Medical Records System —


Celebrate IU at IUPUI — Hispanic Students Set for Workshop at IUPUI — What’s in Your Fridge? — Downtown Cross Country Arena Aims to be World Class — Redefining Roles — IUPUI Adds Comfort to Jungle Seating — It All Computes: IBM Teams with IUPUI — IBM to Locate New Tech Center at IUPUI — Students Rally in Support of Accused Louisiana students — IUPUI Motorsports Student on IndyCar Travel Team — IUPUI Students Get a Free Ride — School of Science to Partner with Institute for Forensic Imaging — Students Clue into Forensic Science; TV Piques Interest in College Programs — Engineering & Technology Dean Oner Yurtseven Receives Doctorate from Malaysian University —


The New York Times Introduces an Online Complement to College and University Courses — Saving the Marion County Election System — IUPUI Motorsports at Brownsburg School — Engineering Professor Goes to Brownsburg Middle School — Local Student Excels in Science and Academics — New York Times Online Component to Use IUPUI Developed Technology — New York Times Develops Online Course Content — Nutritious Nibbling — Fruits, Veggies Are Best Source of Antioxidants — There is No Easy Way to Clean a Reservoir — Indy's Air Quality takes Teamwork — Playground Event to Raise Money for Children — Software Maker Spreads Wings — Law School Alumnus to Argue Pro Bono Case before U.S. Supreme Court — IUPUI Natatorium Director Named Lugar Health and Fitness Award Recipient —


Jury Study Prompts Guidance, Praise — U.S. News’ College Rankings Report Cites Three IUPUI Programs — A New Refrain, Rain, Rain Come Our Way — Supporting Saudi Students — IUPUI Race Car at State Fair — Hunter Pulls Out of Ball State Race — MAC Tie’s Run Deep for IUPUI’s Ron Hunter — Building Our Knowledge Economy – Student by Student — Peterson Faces Bumpier '07 Bid amid Tax Angst — IUPUI Reaches Out to Inmates — Home Schooling — New Habits — Education – People on the Move — Hittin’ the Brickyard — Software Maker that Got Its Start at IUPUI Spreads Its Wings


[UPDATED] Local Government Reform Commission Launches Website — Healthy Families Indiana Day at Zoo to Bring Smiles, Help Strengthen Families — IUPUI Students Complete Prison Exchange Program — Biracial Sisterhood Laid Groundwork for Civil Rights Movement — IUPUI Researchers Understand Local Government — IUPUI Center Selected To Assist Commission on Local Government Reform — Saving Gas in Indy — Challenges for Black Colleges’ Brightest in the Lab — University Place is Site of Public Tax Forum — Forensics Program Cited as Example of Life Sciences Growth in State — Lugar's Comments Prompt Republican Action — At Herron, Those Who Teach, Can — Forensic Science Program Featured — Thinking Locally, Acting Globally (Going Far, Doing Good) — Online Video Games Can Become a Virtual Obsession


Dandelions, Poison Ivy Grow with Global Warming — IU President McRobbie Kicks off Term with Lunch at IUPUI — University Place Hotel and Conference Center Ranks in Top 200 — How to Stop the Bleeding — Educational Software Firm to Relocate, Add 123 Jobs — Where to Find Good, Cheap Tech Help — Americans Donated $295 Billion in 2006 — The Value of Human Capital — IUPUI Collaborating on Chamber of Commerce Hispanic Business Study — New Online Management Program — How to Break a Lease


Program Trains Teachers in the Biomedical Sciences — BackPack Attack is Underway — IUPUI Race Car Showing — IU Joins 9 Black Colleges to Increase the Number of Minorities in Science — Poised Richards Accepts Sport's Leadership Role as Top Athletics Gather at IUPUI — Valley Residents Point to Prevention as Key to Health Care Reform — IUPUI Professor One of the World's Leading Researchers in the Study of Androids — Infants at Higher Risk for Elevator Injuries — Mobile Workers Tie in with Hand-Held Devices — IUPUI Alumnus Finds Niche in Jazz — IUPUI Hosts Men's Health Summit — IUPUI to Host USA Track and Field — Second Life in Classroom — IUPUI Hosts New Media Consortium — School Supplies Drive to Start — Eli Lilly and Company Foundation Gives $480,000 to Healthcare Literacy Project — Museum is About Religion, Not Science — Labor Studies to Merge with School of Social Work


Social Work, Labor Studies to Merge — IU Labor Studies Merging with School of Social Work — IUPUI Race Car Showing — Healthcare Reform Town Hall Forums Slated Across Indiana — Should Robots Be Built To Look More Like Us? — Some Purchases Give Charities a Boost — Bayh Supports Law Targeting Intellectual Property Theft — Senators Announce Plan to Address Intellectual Property Theft — Indy Law Professor Delivers Keynote at First UAE Copyright Conference — Grandmother Graduates College on Mother's Day — Bayh to Announce Coalition to Fight Against Intellectual Property Theft — Arthritis Sufferer Graduating Early from IUPUI



Law Professor to Speak at Conference in South Africa — Call to IUPUI English Department Leads to Play about Central State Art Program — Michigan City Boy Wins State Geographic Bee, Event Held at IUPUI — IU Establishes $2 Million Endowment for HBCU, First-generation Fellowships — IU Establishes $2 Million Endowment for HBCU Graduates, Announces Partnership With Nine HBCUs To Increase Minorities In STEM Fields — IU Joins 9 HBCUs for Science Initiative — Indiana U, HBCUs Partner to Increase Minorities in Science Careers — Indy Professors Named Co-Chairs of New Health Care Reform Workgroup — Indy Law Professor Delivers Keynote at First UAE Copyright Conference — IUPUI to Establish Lugar Renewable Energy Center — Americans Get F in Religion — Grad Students Keep Track of Downtown Pedestrian Numbers — IUPUI Community Remembers Those Killed in Iraq — Supreme Court Justice to Deliver Law School Lecture — New Law Dean Discusses Sports Law


IUPUI Web Site Takes Gold Prize — IUPUI Professor Wins Sports Car Club Award — Punching Parkinson's; Exercise Makes a Difference for Patients with Disease — Depression Is Linked to Hardening of the Arteries, Study Says — IUPUI Graduate in Iraq Celebrates Colts’ Win — Sound Medicine Begins Month-Long Series on HIV/AIDS In Kenya — IUPUI Immersion Program in Mexico Wins Award — NFL Puts Kibosh on Church Super Bowl Party — IU Law School in Indianapolis Names New Dean — Poll: Downtown at Nighttime A Worry — IU Dental School, Indiana Dental Offices Join National Effort to Provide Free Dental Care to Children in Need — Dispatches from Antarctica — 19 IUPUI Signature Center Proposals Receive $7 Million in Funding

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